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    Using  a Slider to Show / HIde Movie Clips

      I've created a slider and would like when the slider gets dragged across a certain point (preferably an x coordinate) it will then show a movie clip. It's being used for a portfolio.

      I've created the slidder with 2 different images:
      1. is the line it moves on
      2. is the actual slider bar

      I have the following code on the slider to allow the user to drag it back and forth but I'm not sure how to set it so that when the user reaches a certain point it will show a movie clip that contains different images that relate to that point.

      onClipEvent (load) {
      top = _y;
      bottom = _y;
      left = _x;
      right = left + 175;

      onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
      if (dragging == true) {
      // execute this code

      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks