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    Rich Symbol feature for Buttons?

    jdldn Level 1
      Im making a site with menu links where the text size and font is the same, but the color is different for each one. So I can play about with changing the font etc ive used a simple script to make the colour editable, attached to the graphic type of symbol.

      This is working but what I really want is to do the same thing, but with the button type of symbol. This would allow me to design the rollovers and down states, while still having the font, size etc easily updatable.

      Is there a way of using the rich symbol feature for buttons or is it for graphics only?
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          Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee
          I dont think the Rich Symbols can be created for buttons.
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            jdldn Level 1
            I think i could get round this by making a button with a roll over state (say italic), then applying a style to the whole button and using the style to control the appearance. ( I know that styles are only updatable in CS4 but im thinking of upgrading).

            When a style is applied to a button it seems to override the appearance setting of the button (font, colour, etc).

            Say I wanted to have some buttons different colors, but have the other appearance elements controlled by the style applied, could i override the colour (or similar feature) some way? I would still need to have the style linked to update it.