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    alpha preloader

      hey all.
      new to the preloader game. what i want is the alpha scale of a graphic to increase (fade in) as the page loads. what i have currently is a simple preloader from the flash mx 2004 bible book. the actionscript looks like this. anyway, any help would be appreciated
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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          if you wanted to use this preloader and you wanted to increase a graphic's alpha transparency as the file loaded, then simply replace the word _xscale with _alpha and the word bar_mc with the instance name of the clip with which you want to manipulate the alpha of(making sure as it would say in the tutorial, that this movie clip and the percent dynamic text box are inside a movieclip with the instance name loader_mc).

          by the way, you have preload spelt prelaod in one of your lines.
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            wannabeaflashguy Level 1
            thanks craig.
            i tried your suggestion and to no avail. am i suppose to add an alpha tween somewhere in the "bar_mc" clip? a variable somewhere? everything still resides in the parent "loader_clip_mc". i did try a variation with a new mc within the "bar_mc" that had an alpha tween of 100 frames, frame 1 = 0, frame 100 = 100. the alpha works but just cycles through its animation without being tied to the lbyte/tbyte script.

            thanks for the mispelling catch as well
            thanks again
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              michael novia
              well, first off

              'prelaod' is spelled incorrectly, might cause a slight problem. Second. No need for any tweens at all, this is controlled completely by actionscript!

              loader_mc.bar_mc._xscale = percentLoaded;
              loader_mc.bar_mc._alpha = percentLoaded;

              should be easy!
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                wannabeaflashguy Level 1
                seemed to work this time. i made a duplicate and changed some naming around. maybe thats where it went wrong. thanks craig and mike!