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    Auto Text Captions cause page to 'jump up'

      Recording --> Mode --> Demonstration --> Captions

      I'd like to use the 'automatically add text captions' option, but we can only get it to work on 'short' forms;
      i.e. forms where are elements are 'above the fold'
      If I need to scroll down to see/record an element, it seems to record OK, but during playback, the page will 'jump' back to the top to show the caption for a second or two, then 'jump' back down to where I was on the page.

      In other words, it is not usable as a demo.

      If I turn off automated captions, this doesn't happen. But this is a bummer. This is one reason we purchased Captivate; this seemed like a great feature for our software demos.

      Anyone know how to stop this 'jump' from happening?

      I've searched the forums, already, and found nothing (but maybe I was using wrong key words or something)

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          I ran into this problem, today. It seems that the way you scroll affects how the screen is captured. When I dragged the scroll bar down, my slides showed the mouse jumping up to the top of the page. When I click the down arrow to scroll down, I no longer see the behavior. Also, I am not seeing this behavior when I pause, scroll down, then unpause and do a prtscreen.

          I don't know, for sure, that these are the solutions, but they are working for me at the moment.
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            KerryWilson Level 2
            I had this problem a while ago.

            If you make sure you do a manual screen capture at the end of the scroll, you will just have to delete the one that looks like it scrolled back to the top, and your demo should be fine.

            As its not the full motion that is the problem, its the static shot after that.

            In my case anyway.