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    general doubt

      i am having a general doubt regarding flex builder.please help me .

      i am thinking of developing one application using flex builder 3.can i create one parent swf file and run my application and integrate other swf files created using flex only when i need it.ie,if i create my complete application as one swf file it will be of large size and cannot be loaded coz of low bandwidth provided here.so can i create small swf files and store in the server and bring to the client side only when we need it.

      another doubt is that can i use javascript in flex applications.

      please help me readers.................i am in urgent
      with regards binoy
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          atta707 Level 2
          Both of your 'doubts' are Flex related and has nothing to do with Flex Builder itself.

          For your first doubt please check the concepts of Modules in Flex. Modules are 'sub-programs' that you can load/unload on demand into your main application. So you'll only one main MXML with Application tag and you'll load the Modules on needed bases.

          Flex can talk to Javascript and vice versa. Take a look at ExternalInterface class in Flex and lots of examples on google!

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            binoozzzz Level 1
            tanks a lot for your kindness............