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    scan failed message kodak i40 acrobat 8.0

      Ive just purchased Acrobat 8.0. I was using acrobat 5.0 with a Kodak i40 scanner. Scanning directly into acrobat with 5.0 was no problem.

      Since uninstalling 5.0 and installeing 8.0 (and rebooting in between), acrobat gives me a scan failed error message, without any details or links.

      Kodak supplies a test scan validation program and that works fine, the scans are successful within that program.

      Ive downloaded the latest drivers for the scanner, both software and firmware and successfully installed. Ive done a repair reinstall of Acrobat 8.0. None of the steps has had an affect. Kodak tells me its an acrobat problem because the scanner is working fine with the validation tool that they supply.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks for the help.