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    RH7 - FlashHelp vanishing text when use Search

    pjv@gs Level 1
      We're using RH7 and FlashHelp. Have IE 7.0

      When we search in RH, we're getting pieces of text missing in the topic title or body. FYI - This only happens when you use the Search feature. Everything looks perfect when you go through the Table of Contents or use the Index.

      For example, we've got 4 topics that end in "P&L"

      - "Total Unrealized P&L"
      - "Unrealized P&L"
      - "Total Realized P&L"
      - "Realized P&L"

      When we search on "unrealized", the 2 unrealized topics are available but when you select them to display-- we see "Total Unrealized P" and "Unrealized P" in the topic titles. Same thing happens for the realized topics. What's weird is you see the "&L" for a second before it disappears.

      In addition, where we have links to these topics within the body of a topic, the "&L" is dropping off.
      Could this be a IE 7 problem?

      We've also got problem with a topic where a bullet point starts with hyperlink that ends with the search keyword, which in this case is "npv". The last sentence of the paragraph that continues after the hyperlink also ends with "npv". In this example, we lose the bulleted item with the hyperlink plus 5 more bulleted items under that item, which do not have the keyword in them. What's really wierd in this situtation is if you leave and come back to the topic, the bullets all display without any problem even though your still in Search mode.

      Finally, I've noticed that in Search mode only, I'm losing the space after hyperlinked text in the body of my topics and the same is true for bolded items. When I look at the same topic using the TOC or index, the spacing is fine.