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    Exercise Enhancement Suggestion: Explanation of Goals

      First, thanks for the series. I'm very happy to have it.

      One thing would make it even more valuable for me: The exercises, while good, and to the point, don't do much more than tell you what to type, without any explanation as to what the overarching goals are.

      For instance, at the top of Exercise 8 (Validation), it would be good if there were a paragraph saying something like:

      "In this exercise you will impose certain requirements on a Reservation Form."

      Then, before the first part, where fields are marked required:
      "Add the asterisk, which indicates that a field is required, to the Full Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code, Phone, and Date Needed fields."

      While the exercises are already really valuable, these (easy to add ;-) suggested bits of exposition would allow the trainee to attempt to solve the problems on his own, and before checking his work against the "just type this" content. These small additions to the exercises would really allow for an extra level of depth.

      As for users that do want to just "take dictation," these explanations would also give an understanding of why the trainee is about to type something.

      As it is now, the user is asked to jack up his car, get an impact wrench, remove lug nuts, remove the tire, etc., without knowing that the end goal is to replace a flat. ...bad example, but I hope you get the idea.

      Thanks again for the series! I'm quite happy that I even have something to critique!