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    Rollover shows as "?" but are really there!

    HannaB Level 1
      i have a problem with rollovers that disapears when I hover over them and won't come back until I refresh the page. Next time I hover over them they disapear again. All images (up, over, out, etc.) are in the images folder and works fine when testing in Dreamweaver. But when they get uploaded, they seem to temporary "lose connection" with the image folder.

      Please take a look at the navigation on this site for instance: http://www.highmarkdesigns.com/Proofing/tahoesnowmobiles/index.html also, look at http://www.highmarkdesigns.com where the same thing happens with the navigation (you need to go to one of the pages in the nav-bar for this to happen).

      Any and all thoughts are welcome!