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    Typewriter Tool's Text color is no longer black

      In Acrobat 7, Standard, somehow I changed a default and now the Typewriter Tool's text color shows up in a very light gray instead of the normal black. It "types" in black, but once I click out of it, it converts to text that looks "grayed out." I've tried changing defaults on the commenting and note tools to no avail, clicking "make current properties default" after making sure text, lines, circles, etc. are black, but the typewriter tool's text is STILL light gray. I even ran Help's "detect and repair" tool--no luck. It must be linked to SOMETHING whose properties I must have inadvertently changed. There is nothing in typewriter tool's properties which allows you to change the color. I can't find where the typewriter tool's default color is stored! Adobe Support "doesn't support this version," so they were no help. How do I change it back to black?