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    Adobe Pdf Converter Print Driver Will not install

      Acrobat V9.0

      Vista Utimate Service Pack 1

      I have not been able to print to the PDF Printer. I get the following error when I select the PDF printer.

      "The 'Adobe PDF Converter' printer driver is not installed on this computer. Some printer properties will not be accessible unless you install the printer driver. Do you want to install the driver now?"

      When I say yes and select version printer since it is the latest version. I get a Add Printer Driver Wizard window that says. "Unable to install adobe pdf converter, Type 3 - User Mode, x86 driver. Access is denied.

      I went through all the recommended steps on the web site listed below with no success.

      Thanks in advance for you help.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Solution 1: Use a supported installation.
      The following are unsupported installations, and the supported solutions:
      If you install Acrobat (Professional or Standard) on a 64-bit operating system, then you may
      see this error. Please update Acrobat to version 8.1 or later. You can update from within
      Acrobat via the help pull-down menu, or download the updater from the following location:
      If you install Acrobat to a shared network disk instead of a local hard disk, then the Adobe PDF
      printer is not installed. Install Acrobat on a local hard disk.
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      Error "Warning 20225..." or no Adobe PDF printer appears (Acrobat 8.0 and Acrobat 3D 8.0 on Windows)
      http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=333221&sliceId=1[10/4/2008 2:04:17 PM]
      If you install Acrobat to a directory with a path that contains extended ASCII or double-byte
      characters, then English installations will display the error message. Install to a path that does
      not contain extended ASCII or double-byte characters.
      Solution 2: Ensure that the Print Spooler process is running and set to
      Automatic, and then repair Acrobat.
      1. Select Start > Settings > Control Panel.
      2. Double-click Administrative Tools and then double-click Services.
      3. Locate the service Print Spooler.
      4. If the Startup Type is not Automatic, then set it to Automatic:
      a. Right-click the Print Spooler.
      b. Choose Properties.
      c. Choose the General tab.
      d. Choose Automatic in the Startup Type menu.
      e. Click OK.
      5. If the Print Spooler service is not running, then start it.
      a. Right-click the Print Spooler line.
      b. Select Start from the menu.
      6. Start Acrobat, and choose Help > Detect And Repair.
      Solution 3: Ensure that the Print Spooler process has no additional
      Only the Remote Procedure Call dependency is required for Print Spooler to operate.
      Additional Services can attach to the process but will interfere with restarting the service.
      If the Print Spooler process has additional dependencies, then please refer to the steps
      To remove all services listed under "This service depends on the following system
      1. Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel.
      2. Double-click Administrative Tools and then double-click Services.
      3. Right-click Print Spooler and choose Properties.
      4. Click the Dependencies tab.
      5. Record services under "This service depends on the following system components" and click
      Imporatnt: Remote Procedure Call is a system service and should not be removed.
      6. Temporarily remove associated programs for the listed services.
      7. Contact the service vendor for removal information if removal of associated software does
      not remove the service.
      8. Start Acrobat, and choose Help > Detect And Repair.
      To disable all services listed under "The following system components depend on this
      1. Choose Start > Set