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    Numbered List Alignment

    Eva-KCI Level 1
      RH 5, HTML.

      I am using a numbered list (based on default css) and it appears to be perfectly aligned from WYSIWYG, but when I view the topic by clicking View Select Item (eyeglass icon) the list is not aligned appropriately - some numbers are indented more than others.

      Usually when things like this happen, which I cannot explain, I right click on the line where the text is and usually there are "span attributes" that I can remove to correct the issue, but there are no attributes for the list.

      This particular list is embedded within a chart (all step-by-step instructions are in a single column, but listed in multiple rows/cells), but I've also encountered the same issue when working with a number list outside of a chart.

      Does anyone know why this is happening & what I can do to correct it?

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          Eva-KCI Level 1
          I found the solution, but not the cause for the issue by looking over the TrueCode (compared aligned items to those that were not aligned).

          Code for aligned list was : style="list-style: decimal;"
          Code for unaligned list was: style="list-style: inside decimal:"

          I removed the word "inside" to straighten things out.