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    Realistic Page Turn Effects from a PDF document

      Is there a way to create animated page turn effects from within Acrobat or in combination with Flash?

      I would like to create books, magazines, brochures that have hot links to other pages within the same document, web links, and multimedia capabilities, but which display animated page turns. Something along the style of http://page-flip.com/products.htm

      Ideally, I would like to create the documents in various programs, and then turn them into a PDF with the hot links and multimedia capabilities. I then want them to display as a Flash video with the animated, realistic page turn effects, along with pagination and zoom controls.

      There are software programs available that will do this but they cost big $$$$. Is there a way to export/print/save a PDF file to a SWF format and automatically have the page turn effects added?

      I have CS4 with Acrobat Pro and Flash Pro. I found a couple of Flash extension that appear to do this but they are clumsy to use and I am not very experienced with Flash and ActionScript. I am looking for an easy way to accomplish this, hopefully, right from within Acrobat.

      Thanks in advance for your suggestions.