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    Tree component not working in a mask

      I have been having problems displaying the labels on tree component , I have now found the cause it was in a mask.

      Once I moved it out of the mask it worked fine!!. But the thing is now how do I get it to work in a mask????

      You can test this for yourself by opening the gallery_tree.fla in \Flash 8\Samples and adding a layer making it a mask (and making a box around the whole thing).

      I need to use the tree in a mask as it is part of a bigger picture.
      Thanks for the help
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          2m Level 2
          I'm not sure if that will help, but you can try to set the mak at runtime (MovieClip.setMask()) - I'm not even sure if that is "leagal" with components, but setting a (rectangular) mask wia actionscript is the only way to mask device text, and that should be part of your component.

          Watch out rot problems of depths-order though, as depth management with component (v2) is different from "normal" depth management.