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    Removing crop/reg marks from PDF

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      I'm using Acrobat 8 Pro.

      I need to place individual pages from a PDF (for which I do not have -- and cannot get -- the native files) in an InDesign document.

      I need to remove the crop marks and registration marks from the PDF pages. (They weren't offset properly, so they extend into the bleed area.) I know how to do it manually, but there are a lot of pages and I'm looking for an easier way out.

      I could have SWORN that I had once stumbled upon a setting/option to remove all marks that were outside the image area, but I didn't make a note of it and can't find any such option. (It might not work in this case anyway, since the marks do overlap the image, but I still want to know if the capability is there.)

      At this point, I'm seriously thinking that maybe I dreamed it.

      Does such an option exist? If not, is there some way to remove those extraneous marks from all pages in a PDF in one fell swoop?