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    Reduce .CHM Size

      We have a very large .CHM file compiled from Robo 7 HTML and we are looking for ways to reduce the size of the file. We have a 1 KB image that appears one thousand or more times throughout the project whose only purpose is to indicate the places in the various topics where hot spots to prompt documentation appear. For example, in a topic that documents a screen with 10 prompts, this image appears 10 times. The repeating image is a small arrow next to and pointing to the hot spot.

      Does this image increase the size of our compiled project by 1K x the number of occurrences? Or does it only add 1k to the project because it only appears once in the image directory?

      If this will significantly reduce the size of our project, we are also curious as to the easiest way to remove all references to this image. Can we simply remove/rename the image file in the image directory? Or do we need to physically edit every topic and manually remove all the image references?

      Thanks for any insight you can provide.