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    Flash - goto frame in new URL page

      I have a swf as the masthead of my site that includes the site navigation. I want the swf to go to a specific and unique frame label on loading each page when a visitor clicks a button. Basically, I want the masthead to look different for each page.
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          poirot Level 1
          So basically you have an HTML page with a flash at the top, right?

          One way to do this is with a page variable send thru the URL. For ex you may have 5 pages so page 1 is index=1 and page 2 is index = 2 and so on. Then you will need your flash to read this index and go to the specific frame onload. This is the way I do it. It not very hard to do if you are familiar with flash.

          But I guess this question would probably be better answered in the flash discussion if you need more help with.

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