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    How do I stop images flickering when zooming in?

      I've imported a 32bit jpeg into Director MX. I'm trying to slowly zoom into the image, to create a slow Ken Burns style zoom effect. When I play my movie, the image is flickering and the zoom does not appear smooth. Does anybody know a way around this? Maybe I'm doing something wrong...

      Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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          How are you performing this zoom? Are you using keyframes across the
          score, or using Lingo?

          If you are using the score, then you may want to try different frame
          rates, to see if you can smooth out the animation. You may also be
          seeing a problem with the refresh rate of your monitor.

          If you are using Lingo, then you might try changing the amount of image
          size change at each step, and/or changing the frame rate to smooth out
          the animation.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            There's a certain computational overhead involved in scaling large area
            bitmaps. To test a given system's capability separate from possible
            lingo issues, it's easiest to just create a score tween animation with a
            scaled version at the end keyframe.

            To get faster performance consider pregenerating the zoom playing it
            back as a gitital video, one could also use a series of prescaled member
            that are preloaded in ram so only simple member switching is needed to
            playback the zoom sequence.