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    Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro - I/O error message when saving

      I'm trying to save an 823KB PDF file that I've worked on many times before and saved successfully in the past, but now when I try to save I get an error message that says "The docuement can not be saved. A file I/O error has occured."

      I really don't want to loose the 2hrs worth of work I put into this doc. today- help! I'm on my local server at work. Here is a list of all the things I've already tried:
      1.changing the file name - I get the same I/O error
      2. saving as a Word doc. - I get a message that says "Save As failed to process this documents. No file was created."
      3. When I copy & paste into Word I lose all my formatting and images
      4. copy & paste into a new PDF doc. - I get an error message from an "editor" saying that I can only author documents up to 20 pages. I don't have an option to copy and paste select pages.. only to copy the file. I did figure out a way to copy the file and move it into a new blank PDF but I still loose all the formatting and images in the file.
      5. This is an 87 page document that I'm continuing to build so printing isn't going to work
      6. Searching google or this forum- I see this problem posted elsewhere, but no viable solutions posted.
      Please help (thank you)!