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    Where all topics gone?

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      Subj. I saw some topics, now there gone.
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          Make sure that in your Profile (menu bar above Forums: Adobe Connect Training you go to the personal settings and change the "View days back" option from 30 to something like 99999999999999

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            sorry, but I ca´nt find some information about connect. I ownloaded the acrobat.com beta-version
            I made installation; buti in the meeting-option i do not know, how to show a page, to share whith someone.

            I can load a document from the computer in acrobat.connect. I can view this document and share via e-mail with athers.

            But How can I show this document in the meeting-point? here i have 4 posibilities : Web-cam, connect-display, white board and Load document. In this "Load-document"-frame i can only load some docs in frame. But I do not know, how to show a document. I also can see this 4 aplications, when I go intoo my connect-room. But How can I put a document on display?

            My english is not so good, I hope ou understood.

            looking forward, in aspektation.

            my mail : trebormsn19@msn.com