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    "Distiller has encountered a problem and needs to close."

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      I installed CS3 Design Premium last week. (XP, SP2) I haven't run any of the CS3 updaters yet because I haven't had a chance to research any possible gotchas.

      I am repeatedly getting this message:

      Acrobat Distiller
      Acrobat Distiller has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

      Error signature
      AppName: acrodist.exe AppVer: ModName: acrodistdll.dll
      ModVer: Offset: 001e0ad4

      I don't have Distiller open, but I guess it must be running in the background. I create PDFs by exporting from InDesign.

      What does this error mean? Should I be very afraid?

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          I'm having the same problem. Was there any response to this problem?
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            I didn't get any responses, but I figured out that I only get the message when I use Font Navigator. My guess is that when I activate fonts through FontNav, Distiller objects for some reason. I guess it expects fonts to be activated through ATM or whatever.

            But once Distiller settles down and gets it knickers untwisted, I don't get the error message anymore. And it's more of an idle threat anyway -- Distiller doesn't actually close.

            Are you using a font manager? Which one? I'd be curious to know if you also get the message during and/or after using it to activate (or de-activate) fonts.

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              I have the same "(insert program name here) has encountered a problem and needs to close" problems with >both< Acrobat and Distiller in the Adobe CS3 Web collection. Perhaps their problems are interrelated. Thoughts?
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                Hello, I had this issue with Acrobat 9.0 v.946 but resolved my issue with x64 Vista Ultimate as follows:

                1. Open Acrobat Distiller
                2. Click Settings
                3. Click Font Locations
                4. Open Windows Explorer and Navigate to EACH listed Font Location

                5. Verify there are FONTS in each location, .ttf is a good giveaway. 
                6. When you find a Windows Explorer location listed in Distiller with No Fonts do the following:
                  1. Go back to the Distiller-Settings-Font Locations screen, highlight that location and click the Remove button
                7. Continue viewing folders in Windows Explorer until you have verified that fonts are listed in all the other Distiller-Font Location-folders
                8. Close both Distiller and Windows Explorer
                9. Reboot your system
                10. Now here’s the tricky part:
                  1. After sign-on Do Not Touch your mouse or keyboard for Five Minutes
                  2. Watch your mouse icon as it swirls while loading background applets
                  3. Watch your network icon slowly, ever so slowly change from X to O indicating connectivity.
                  4. If you screen blanks out, just move the mouse cursor enough to get the screen back and the cursor where you can see it.
                  5. After Five Minutes – if you have not received the message--Acrobat Distiller must close--this procedure worked for you.

                Hope this helps some of you.

                Update: MS Admin Events indicate that a HDD might be corrupted. Chkdsk indicated bad clusters, new drive ordered - in other words - this was the problem all along

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                  Based on the apparent version, simply updating may resolve your issue. AA8 is currently at 8.3.1. This update is also important if you are using a x64 system.