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    Grabbing Child Projects from Merged Projects

    anubisascends Level 1
      Hello again,

      I am still trying to get the hang of the merged projects. I have ran into a small...snafu. I am in the process of breaking up a larger project into smaller ones. I thought that I may be able to do the following:

      -Create 5 projects, (lets call call them base 1-5) complete with topics, images, indexes, etc.
      -Create 2 more projects, (lets call them mid 1 and mid 2). Mid 1 has base 1 and base 2 merged into it. Mid 2 has base 3 - 5 merged into it. Both of the mid projects have unique topics, images, etc.
      -Create a final project (let's call it Top). Top has mid 1 and mid 2 merged into it as well as additional topics

      Apparently I can't do this, as when I place mid 1 and mid 2 into Top, base 1-5 is not brought into Top. Just the unique topics, images, etc.

      I would like the final output to be a .chm file. I found a way to accomplish this via webhelp (I haven't tried it yet, so I am not sure if it actually works).

      Thank you in advanced for any help you can provide.