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    Comping layouts...

    Jason Lampitt
      So here I am... standing at the brink of my first major Flex project. I've taken a few classes and I'm an experienced Flash designer and developer. And yet, I can seem to get out of first gear.

      Another developer on my team has the project mocked up using the standard Flex components and functioning as a Flex app but it really needs some help in the user experience department, which is where I come in. Enhancing the user experience is going to mean developing some custom components and probably moderate-to-heavy use of item renderers.

      I've got datagrids, combo boxes, panels and the like to deal with and ideally, I want to follow a similar process that I'd typically use for Flash projects... which usually means a mock-up/comp of the UI and various states in a combination AI/PS document which is easily imported into Flash.

      What are the rest of you doing out there? Using AI and the Flex Skin Template and/or the symbols from the Flex Skin Templates?

      So, as an example, let's say I want to totally re-do the way a datagrid looks. What's the most effective way to comp it up and move it into Flex?

      Understand that I don't just want or need to change the color scheme on a few components. I need to do full screen mock-ups, get those approved and then move it all into Flex... quickly and efficiently.

      Any advice is would be greatly appreciated.