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    Bookmarks not showing in "insert hyperlink" list


      I'm hoping someone can help. I have hyperlinks to academic references throughout my project. The last couple I've tried to add haven't worked - I create the bookmark at the destination, then highlight the text in the project I want to link from, click the insert hyperlink button and insert my screen tip text, but when I scroll down the list of available bookmarks the one I've just created doesn't appear. I've saved all files so that isn't the problem. Strangely, if I skip to the next instance it happens again (that is, doesn't work), but the next one works OK. This is the code for the four bookmarks - the first works, the next two don't, the last one does.

      <p class=InlineNormal1><a name="26._Chokkalingam_A,_Scherer_R,_Dickersin_K._Concordance_of_data_between_conference_ abstracts_and_full_reports_[abstract]._In:_6th_International_Cochrane_Colloquium;_1998_Oct _22-26;_Baltimore,_MD,_USA._1998."></a>26.
      Chokkalingam A, Scherer R, Dickersin K. Concordance of data between conference
      abstracts and full reports [abstract]. In: <i>6th International Cochrane
      Colloquium</i>; 1998 Oct 22-26; Baltimore, MD, USA. 1998. </p>

      <p class=InlineNormal1><a name="27._Tooher_R,_Middleton_P,_Griffin_T,_Pham_C,_Hopewell_S._How_different_are_confere nce_abstracts_of_surgical_RCTs_from_the_subsequent_full_publication?_[abstract]._In:_12th_ Cochrane_Colloquium:_Bridging_the_Gaps;_2004_Oct_2-6;_Ottawa,_Ontario,_Canada._2004._p._13 7-8."></a>27.
      Tooher R, Middleton P, Griffin T, Pham C, Hopewell S. How different are
      conference abstracts of surgical RCTs from the subsequent full publication?
      [abstract]. In: <i>12th Cochrane Colloquium: Bridging the Gaps</i>; 2004
      Oct 2-6; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 2004. p. 137-8.</p>

      <p class=InlineNormal1><a name="28._Dundar_Y,_Dodd_S,_Williamson_P,_Dickson_R,_Walley_T._Case_study_of_the_comparis on_of_data_from_conference_abstracts_and_full-text_articles_in_health_technology_assessmen t_of_rapidly_evolving_technologies:_does_it_make_a_difference?_Int_J_Technol_Assess_Health _Care_2006;22:288-94."></a>28.
      Dundar Y, Dodd S, Williamson P, Dickson R, Walley T. Case study of the
      comparison of data from conference abstracts and full-text articles in
      health technology assessment of rapidly evolving technologies: does it
      make a difference? <i>Int J Technol Assess Health Care</i> 2006;22:288-94.</p>

      <p class=InlineNormal1><a name="29._Song_FJ,_Fry-Smith_A,_Davenport_C,_Bayliss_S,_Adi_Y,_Wilson_JS,_et_al._Identifi cation_and_assessment_of_ongoing_trials_in_health_technology_assessment_reviews._Health_Te chnol_Assess_2004;8:1-87."></a>29.
      Song FJ, Fry-Smith A, Davenport C, Bayliss S, Adi Y, Wilson JS, et al.
      Identification and assessment of ongoing trials in health technology assessment
      reviews. <i>Health Technol Assess</i> 2004;8:1-87. </p>

      Any suggestions more than gratefully received.


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          MergeThis Level 4
          I suspect it's the length of the bookmark and the resulting link to the bookmark (which, of course, is increased by whatever folder paths are part of the link, as well).

          Your character counts are:

          1. 217
          2. 277
          3. 294
          4. 208

          You might try shrinking bookmark #2 or #3 to just a few characters, as a test.

          There must be some method you could use to seriously shorten these bookmarks! Perhaps some grouping by categories?

          Good luck,