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    Re: Adobe pricing '*** about face' surely

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      Value added Tax was invented by Napoleon asaik.

      "Osgood" <notavailable@thisaddress.com> wrote in message
      > Why even have VAT, just abolish it altogether. I'm just collecting tax for
      > the government and passing the difference on. I have to piss about every
      > quarter working it out but I'm not paid for this service, its just another
      > example of a complete piss take.
      > David Powers wrote:
      >> Osgood wrote:
      >>> This just isnt right. We all sit around like lame assed idiots and let
      >>> the banks take us to the brink of the abyss and now Adobe is trying to
      >>> rip people off.
      >> Just for the record, this isn't a new policy. I first noticed the
      >> discrepancy between boxed and download prices several years ago. It
      >> struck me as odd, so I did a little digging to find out what was
      >> happening. Adobe is following EU regulations as far as this is concerned.
      >> VAT is charged on downloaded software at the point of delivery. If the
      >> server is in another EU country, you are charged the VAT rate applicable
      >> in that country. If the server is outside the EU, you should be charged
      >> the rate applicable in your own country. I buy quite a lot of software
      >> through electronic download, so have noticed the different rates of VAT
      >> charged by different companies. If I recall correctly, companies based in
      >> Germany charge VAT at 19%. I bought something recently from another
      >> European country and the VAT was 16%.
      >> I know it makes little sense, but tax laws very rarely make sense. The
      >> only people to whom VAT rates are significant are individuals not
      >> registered for VAT. And if they object to the higher level of tax, they
      >> have the option to buy the boxed version, which is taxed at the local
      >> rate.