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    CFGrid Errors

    kodemonki Level 1
      Under my root directory I have CFIDE, FAD, INTERNAL, and PRACTICE folders. CFIDE is a virtual directory and I can run things like CFGRID in anything NOT INTERNAL. I can even make new folders under root whose files use CFGRID and they work fine. CFGRID under INTERAL (or any subfolder thereof) will throw and not catch an unidentified exception. Does anyone know why INTERNAL would not let me use CFGRID correctly?

      The cfgrid titles show up but it has the circular loading image just going round and round.

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          Level 7
          if the grid shows up then it is NOT a problem with CFIDE not being
          mapped. it sounds to me like maybe a cfc the grid binds to has an error...

          first things first:
          enable ajax debugging in cf admin and add ?cfdebug to the url of the
          page with the grid (or &cfdebug if you already have other vars in the url)
          this will show an ajax debugger, which can tell you what the problem is
          or at least will point to where to look for the problem.

          Azadi Saryev
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            kodemonki Level 1
            If I have the EXACT same code in two places, one inside INTERNAL, one in ROOT, and one binds, shouldn't the other bind?

            Also, I used CFDEBUG and it just says there's an uncaught error on 799. If I do a view source the file has less than 450 lines, the source file has 160 lines. Where is this number coming from?

            My grid:
            <cfform name="test">
            <cfgrid name="dealer_grid" format="html" bind="cfc:data.get_dealers({cfgridpage},{cfgridpagesize},{cfgridsortcolumn},{cfgridsortdi rection})" striperows="true" striperowcolor="gray">
            <cfgridcolumn name="pa_code" header="P&A Code"/>
            <cfgridcolumn name="dealership_name" header="Dealership Name"/>
            <cfgridcolumn name="pending" header="Pending"/>
            <cfgridcolumn name="immediate" header="Immediate"/>
            <cfgridcolumn name="strategy" header="Strategy"/>
            <cfgridcolumn name="status" header="Status"/>

            <cfcomponent displayname="data.cfc" output="false">
            <cffunction name="get_dealers" access="remote" output="no">
            <cfargument name="page" default="">
            <cfargument name="pageSize" default="">
            <cfargument name="gridsortcolumn" default="">
            <cfargument name="gridsortdirection" default="">
            <cfquery name="get_dealers" datasource="admi-prod">
            SELECT dm.pa_code, dm.dealership_name, dm.dealer_id, fd.fad_employee_id, fe.lastname,
            nvl(to_char(fd.pending_return_month), 'N/A') pending_return_month,
            nvl(to_char(fd.immediate_return_month), 'N/A') immediate_return_month,
            decode(strategy, 1, 'Aggressive', 2, 'Moderate', 3, 'Conservative', 'N/A') strategy,
            FROM dealer_master dm, fad_dealers fd, fad_employees fe
            WHERE fd.dealer_id = dm.dealer_id
            AND fe.fad_employee_id(+) = fd.fad_employee_id
            AND dm.primary_manufacturer_id = 1
            AND dm.termination_date IS NULL
            AND fd.fad_employee_id = fe.fad_employee_id
            AND fe.user_id = 52663
            <cfreturn queryConvertForGrid(get_dealers, page, pageSize)>