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    Adobe PDF printer driver.

      I am using an application which spools print jobs to our printer. We wanted to try to do the same via PDF in order to send the printouts via e-mail. This represents a batch of over 30 files to print every day.

      The issue is when we use the Adobe PDF printer, it always shows a pop-up asking the name of the file to be saved, then shows the file on screen.

      having these 30x2 screens every day is not productive.

      Question: Is there a way to pass the name of the file and the proper path when we send the command to print? As well to avoid the Reader window to show the printed result? Maybe via a parameter or so? Or there is a SDK for the driver that we need to modify it's functionality?

      We did try different pdf print drivers and they all do the same....

      Thank you.
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          There is a way to prevent the file prompt.

          - Go to Start>Settings>Printers and Faxes
          - Select the Adobe PDF Printer
          - Right mouse click and select "Printing Preferences..." from the context menu
          - Select the Adobbe PDF Settings tab
          - In the Adobe PDF Output Folder pop-up menu, either select for the option to save in My Documents or click the "Browse..." button and choose the location where you want the file to be saved instead of the default selection "Prompt for Adobe PDF filename".
          - Deselect the checkbox "View Adobe PDF results".
          - Click the Apply button
          - Click the OK button

          As long as the printjob filenames are not the same you are "golden" at this point. Otherwise look at the Acrobat SDK sample "AdobePDFSilentVB"