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    eBook expert help needed !!!

      Help needed to convert a MS Word document into a PDF ebook. Report was created on a PC using MS Word 2003. Since the report was created, I bought and plan to use an iMac with Word for Mac 2008 and Acrobat 8 Professional.

      This is probably simple for most of you but not for this somewhat senior knuckle-head. Finding help on the internet for this topic has been frustrating, to say the least. My take on what Ive read about creating a PDF ebook is that acrobat is the absolute best program to create a truly professional ebook.

      Desired features: TOC, bookmarks, links, allow printing but prohibit copy and paste, not password protected but some measure of protection on a budget (if this is possible),

      This eBook (our first effort) will be offered (for purchase) on a new website to be built soon. Please offer your advice/suggestions/thoughts to enable us to provide a truly, top-notch professional eBook.

      A step-by-step tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance for your willingness to help!!!

      Mac Daniel