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    Read-Out-Loud Problem

      I have an ebook in PDF format and the read-out-loud function will only work on the first two chapters and a few pages of the third chapter. After that the reader just says "Blank" for every page. The text is clear and able to be read with other screen reader programs, but I would like to use the read-out-loud. I tried running the OCR on the chapters again but yielded the same results. Why would the reader stop working part way through a chapter?
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          A probable cause of this problem is that the document was originally poorly tagged, since at least some pages needed to be OCR-ed. After those pages are OCR-ed, the tag structure is not automatically updated. So I would suggest the following:
          1. Open the document after all pages have been OCR-ed in Acrobat Pro.
          2. Select View -> Navigation Panels -> Tags.
          3. Right click (shift F10) in the root tag of the structure tree.
          4. Choose Delete Tag.
          5. Re-tag the entire document by choosing Advanced -> Accessibility -> Add Tags to Document.
          6. Save and Read Out Loud.
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            I tried this and I still have the same problem. The first half of the document will read but the other half just says "blank." Is there something else I can try?
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              (Aandi_Inston) Community Member
              Are you able to copy and paste text from one of the problem pages?

              Aandi Inston
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                Yes I can.
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                  Ok, sorry, that's me out of ideas.

                  Aandi Inston
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                    Philip Levy Adobe Employee
                    If you have Acrobat Pro, you can troubleshoot by using Touch Up Reading Order on the Advanced > Accessibility menu. If you go to one of the errant pages, is there something suspicious looking such as the entire page being marked "Figure" or having no highlighted regions (implying no text). You can select a rectangular region and click "Text" to mark it is text. If the problem is tagging, that may correct it.

                    The other possible problem is that there is a different or bad font used. Since you mention that other screen readers can read the text, it doesn't sound like that.
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                      I installed adobe reader 9.0 how do I get the read out loud features to work which options should I go to does anybody know how to enable its do I have to downloaded separately it was working fine with adobe reader 8.0 i wish i did't installed 9.0