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    InDesign to pdf

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          what version are you using?
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            I'm going to get a book printed and want to know if going from ID (CS5) to .pdf changes the size of the print?  A few years ago, I got a booklet prublished, and while the shop did a beautiful job, everything came out reduced in size on the pages (set up for 11x17, and folded in half to 8.5 x 11).  Is that the print shop's fault, or the .pdf's?  I have some ruled measurements in this book, and they HAVE to come out at size.



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              You are in the wrong forum.

              I'm not sure about the process of going from ID to .pdf.  I would expect it would be precise is details as that is what it is meant to be for.

              The .pdf will certainly be very precise in sizing, positioning etc.

              (That's what makes it such a pain for flexible media such as eBooks, but ideal for its original purpose of print preparation.)