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    a neophytes questions about ebooks

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      Can I make an ebook with the following properties? and if so, how?
      1. Attach to the cover page the name of the intended user which cannot be removed ... even with
      2. Allow the book to be copied to a hard drive or flashcard so that the user can exercise markup
      I recognize that allowing copy privileges opens the door to anyone using the text but if a user
      understands that it is their name which is being misused they might decide against it. (Actually, in FrameMaker I can put their name as a footnote on every page.)

      After 9 years (off and on) I have completed a 715 page introductory chemistry text (using
      FrameMaker) from which I have created a pdf version using Acrobat with bookmarks and markup
      privileges. (It also has supplementary video-based experiments/workshops as stand alone Director projectors.) About midway through the book I approached the primary chem text publishers but because of the very different approach to the subject that I have used, they declined to take it on since their experience had shown that chemistry faculty are very conservative in their choice oftexts. Nonetheless, I persevered but had not anticipated the burst in access to laptops and personal computers that college students now have today. And since it was composed in landscape aspect ratio it does well on computer screens. I tried it out on a class last spring (briefly returning from retirement) and it worked as a paper-free text. So I am about to go back to the publishers with it now as a pdf book or ebook with bookmarks and markup capability.

      As a 77 year old I am clearly not doing this for long term financial gain but I believe this approach to introductory chemistry has merit even though I would not have used it during my 50 years teaching.

      I would appreciate any comments.
      Fred Tabbutt