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    Should I host my 15 videos on Amazon S3 or put them in my Ebook

      I'm creating an ebook that I made in Apple Pages and then I convert it automatically to my new Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Mac Version by exporting in Apple Pages. I have two questions.

      I'm making screen capture videos with iShowU HD from shiny white box, once video is made it converts to Quicktime .mov I believe.

      1. doesn't the new acrobat pro 9 convert videos to flash automatically..? Therefore I shouldn't have to convert it to flash or should I ...?

      Please help me out, when you go to upload a video it says this below: Just want to double check.

      Your multimedia will be converted to Flash format to ensure consistent playback across multiple platforms using Adobe Reader 9 or later.

      2. I'm creating 15 videos to put in my ebook pdf, all about 5 minutes or less. Is it insane to be putting this many videos in one pdf, should I just put my videos on my hosting..? If so how do you go about doing that or what are the best resources, websites and tools needed to do this...?
      FLV Converters etc..