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    eBook Activation Limit

      The eBook activation system in Adobe Reader 6 was designed to enable users to move content among multiple computers using either a .NET Passport or Adobe ID. Currently this system allows the activation of one PC or Macintosh and one Palm PDA. This limit was based on the requirements of some publishers to limit content to one computer. Adobe intends to increase the number of activations over time and is working with publishers to enable users to easily view content on multiple computers.

      In the mean time there is a method to access eBooks on multiple machines using Adobe Reader 6. eBook retailers are permitted to download eBooks up to 4 times for each user. This would allow you to download an eBook on up to 4 computers even though each has a different activation account. We recommend that you contact the provider of your eBooks to determine if they provide this capability. We understand that for eBooks to be successful they must be as easy to use as physical books and provide additional benefits such as lower cost and an enhanced reading experience.

      Louise Soeder
      Acrobat Product Support Manager
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          So, is this to say that if I buy a new PC and plan to give my old PC away to another user... That I probably cannot retain access to my purchased ebooks?

          Glen Hawley
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            I have already encountered this problem. I downloaded Adobe Acrobat once, then a few days later I wiped my hard drive and reinstalled all my software. When I redownloaded Adobe Acrobat it told me that I couldn't activate it because I had already activated it before. But I keep getting an activation message when I try to download an ebook. I find this highly disconcerting about ebooks. Why would I want to pay for something that I cannot have control over? If I want to loan my book which I puchased to a friend to read, I can. With an ebook, my friend would have to pay the money as well. I don't know about you, but I cannot go around throwing 17 bucks here, 19 bucks there. According to Louise, I cannot even view an ebook which I purchased on another machine. With the recent problem I encountered with Acrobat, I will NEVER buy an ebook because I like to reformat my hard drives often. If I can only download my ebooks 4 times, then they are not worth it.
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              If you have reformatted your hard drive or you have a new computer, you can call Customer Service to have your activation "reset".
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                At least you were able to read once.. I can not even get it to activate ONCE. I purchased the eBook from Amazon (they don't do refunds on eBooks) and I can't even download because it cries my Acrobat is not registered. When I attempt to register Acrobat (reader or Pro) it hangs.. never activating. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling... rebooting.. I'm about to RMA my Acrobat 6 and install PDFfactory.
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                  Mary, you said in message 3 that you can re-activate? How?
                  After my old system died, I just spend more than 2 hours on the phone with various Adobe departments (technical, customer support, unlocking and e-book authorization) AND NOBODY CAN HELP ME GET ACCESS TO MY EBOOKS again.
                  This was possible in the old e-book reader (2.2), but is no longer supported, they said. A giant leap backwards.

                  Please prove me wrong!

                  For the time being, I wrote my books off (in excess of $500) and concluded that Digitial Rights Management does not work. No more e-books for me.
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                    And they remove my comments that i posted earlier today.


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                      > If I want to loan my book which I puchased to a friend to read, I can. With an ebook, my friend would have to pay the money as well.

                      This strikes me as being a very valid criticism. After all, we can lend a friend a CD, a DVD, a VHS, etc., and in theory we should be able to lend an e-book as well. "Real" books still have many important advantages over e-books, in my opinion (portability, lendability, no worries about software/hardware conflicts, etc.).
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                        I would have thought by now SOMEONE from adobe would have cleared this up inthe forums by now. You brought up a valid point. eBooks as it is .......is not exactly breaking any sales records. eBooks are suppose to be attractive to new users.. this will only ensure the end of $$ eBooks.
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                            I must correct myself from my August 5 posting. I CAN buy ebooks and read them on multiple machines.... we all can.... just not using adobe's product.

                            As much as I dislike Microsoft, the MICROSOFT READER w/cleartype allows you to activate up to 6 different machines. So I purchased my ebooks from Simon and Schuster in .LIT format (not .pdf format, mind you!!)..... the books worked fabulously on my desktop and pocket pc.... perfect for my recent trip to Chicago (which is what I was preparing for initially when I purchased the ebook in pdf format from my work location and then couldn't access it anywhere else).... with Microsoft Reader, no traumas activating all my machines (3 at home and a pocket pc), and my machine at work.

                            I never thought I'd say this when I've always been a fan of Adobe.... but.... WAY TO TO MICROSOFT A+.....

                            • 11. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                              so currently what can we do, dispose our purchased ebooks, can't Adobe reset the ativation number?!!

                              There should be a solution, plase advise.

                              • 12. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                                >can't Adobe reset the ativation number?!!

                                In the Adobe Reader forum there seems to be someone who is responding
                                to requests to reset the activation. I recommend posting there even -
                                in this unusual case - if you aren't using Reader.

                                Aandi Inston
                                • 13. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                  well, i sure am in the majority here.

                                  all the above complaints are identical to mine - bought 5 ebooks as i am in latin america and there are no books in my native tongue to read available.

                                  swapped out a clunky laptop for a desktop rocket and now have no access to ebooks i've actually paid money for (a rarity these days, no?)

                                  if my old activation can be deleted, rescinded, etc, and i can re apply, i will be happy to do so.

                                  my previous activation was under 'bicycology at hotmail.com' and i don't remember the laptop's id - it wasn't mine and it was a bunch of letters and numbers.

                                  i have transferred the files, so all i need is a fresh start.

                                  thanks much.

                                  Randolph Croft.

                                  and, no, i can't call you as i don't have the ability to speak (throat surgery.)

                                  • 14. Re: eBook Activation Limit

                                    Can I suggest you re-post the above under this topic (click on the coloured text) James D Morris "eBook Activation Limit" 9/10/03 7:40pm - this appears definitely to be monitored by someone who can do the resetting - I don't know whether this topic is or not but it would not hurt to be on the safe side.

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                                      Level 1
                                      The "First right of sale" issue has been raging for some time. Before you ditch the Adobe eBook Reader included in Adobe Reader 6 and Acrobat 6, understand that distribution is governed by the eBook publisher, NOT Adobe. If an eBook publisher chooses to enable "Super Distribution", then you can email your eBook to whomever you choose. I think your fight is with the publishers, not Adobe. As to the activation issue, if you have reformatted your hard drive or purchased a new computer, you can call 800-272-3623 to get your activation reset. Currently, activation is limited to one P/C and one PDA. If you would like this to be increased, I would suggest you go to the Product Feature Request Form and fill out a Feature Request. That is truly the BEST way to initiate changes in Adobe products.
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                                        Salam, Hello in Arabic, got the same problem and concern, wiped my HD, then surprise....., at any rate, 4 me it takes 9 - 16 daysto recievew hard copies by DHL to my Saudi Arabia address, ebooks sometimes are the best solution. Sharaf
                                        • 17. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                          I just bought an e-Book from Amazon. I have Adobe Acrobat 5.0 which I purchased loaded on my machine. Unfortunately I need Acrobat Reader 6.0. I downloaded Reader 6.0. I can not activate the product. i have tried re-loading, fixing, removing the program and downloading it again. Nothing works. I can not read my e-Book.

                                          When I press the activate button on the ARACTIVATE web page, files download to my machine. Then I get a message that states 'processing'. At this point the program either hangs or I get a message stating the the DRM Activator is not responding.

                                          Someone please help!
                                          • 18. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                            It just goes to show how interested Adobe Amazon etc are!
                                            The thing is the've already got your Cash!
                                            There must be some action we can take against this rip Off!
                                            • 19. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                              That's nice - but what if the DRM page won't activate me? I've tried changing browsers and that doesn't work. Also - why won't Reader 6.0 allow highlighting and comments in my ebooks???

                                              Thank you,
                                              • 20. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                                It seems like we're all having problems activating. I keep going around in circles. I create a profile, the site tells me that my profile has been created but when I hit the activate button it just takes me back to the create profile screen.

                                                I've just bought an e-book and would really appreciate being able to read it now. If TPTB at Adobe could find it in their hearts to rectify this matter I think there are a lot of people who would be very grateful.
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                                                  Level 1
                                                  I never figured ot how to get my Reader activated and never was able to read my e-book. I will NEVER buy another e-book. I have and will continue to tell everyone I know not to buy e-books as well. - Al -
                                                  • 22. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                                    I too am in a vicious circle and find myself unable to activate my A. Reader. Effectively blocking me from reading a new ebook.

                                                    Could the Acrobat Product Support Manager give some clarity to the lack of a resolution to this problem?

                                                    I have always liked Adobe software, but find myself surprised that this situation hasne't seemed to be resolved. I cannot download an owned ebook and now will not buy one until I can actually read it.

                                                    Perhaps some pressure to the companies selling the ebooks, from customers complaining about Adobe software may provoke thought for them to use another software vendor. Adobe are creating a bad reputation for ebooks by this stupid situation.

                                                    How now do I read an ebook I have paid for that will only work on Acrobat Reader 6????????
                                                    • 23. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                                      Level 1

                                                      Please note that this is a User to User Forum and is not routinely visited by Adobe personnel although they do occasionally drop in here and spot your posts.

                                                      Another post has been made by someone over the last weekend that US Support told him the Activation server was down and could not be fixed until monday morning. I presume that this means monday morning USA time and, aslo, in all likelihood late morning allowing for someone to identify the exact problem and get everything sorted.

                                                      If that is so I think you need to allow another 4-5 hours from the time this message was posted before you are going to be able to activate.

                                                      If you want to get Adobe's attention I can only suggest using the Contact Us link at the top of this page or calling your local office.

                                                      Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

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                                                        Level 1
                                                        If you have not already done so, I would highly recommend you update to Acrobat/Reader 6.0.1. In the updated version, activation occurs "in the background" when you download your eBook, so you should not have the activation errors that you are currently experiencing. For Reader, you will have to download and install the entire Reader (I installed right over top of Reader 6.0 with no problem). For Acrobat, you can go to the Downloads page and grab the 6.0.1 update.
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                                                          Level 1
                                                          I figured out my problem. This may help some. I have a wireless home network. I use a NetGear wireless router (WGR614). I asked NetGear tech support for help. They told me to do the following:

                                                          "Please change the MTU size on the router to 1452 and check if that resolves the issue. To change the MTU enter into the router configuration and go to Advance-->WAN setup."

                                                          Once I had done this I was able to activate my Reader 6.0.1 from the Tools Menu and then open my e-book.

                                                          I hope this helps some of you! I found this experience extremely frustrating.

                                                          Happy Holidays, Al
                                                          • 26. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                                            Thanks Louise.

                                                            What information is needed in order to speed the reset of
                                                            Activation of eBooks on the free Reader thru Adobe Customer Support?

                                                            Is anything different if I have FrameMaker 6 or Acrobat 4 installed
                                                            at any time? I removed both of those in a vain attempt to recover
                                                            the eBook DRM validation error 7.

                                                            [I hate to waste their time as I poke around...]
                                                            • 27. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                                              I installed the latest version of reader, tried to open my ebook.It said I needed to activate the DRM so I did. I tried to open the ebook again and it says I need an fplock plugin. Downloaded the plugin and installed it. Tried to open my ebook again get message need to activate DRM again so I go back to activate DRM and get a message that all 3rd party plugins must be deactivated first so they are deactivated and DRM is activated again. Try to open ebook again get message fplock plugin needs to be installed. I did this circle of activation, install 3 times. Still cant open my ebook in the reader. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
                                                              • 28. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                                                Well, well, well!! It looks like I'm not alone.. seems like A.Reader 6.0.1 is crap and Amazon knows it. They've got my money, I don't have the book. I've re-installed the reader 4 times, (that is 5 hours on my machine) prompts and messages indicate success, but when trying to open the book on Amazon's site I get "Abode DRM client error:422", "your ebook reader does not accept content of this type(application/x-ebx-pdf-RC4-40)", etc. As for getting help from Adode or Amazon, forget it, I've been trying for days to get this resolved. Once burnt, twice smart and another unwary customer bites the dirt. Good Luck Ya'll
                                                                • 29. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                                                  I believe that the problem lies within the firewalls. I have a Linksys BEFSR11 gateway between my LAN and the web. Is anyone else experiencing these problems OUTSIDE of this kind of firewall setup?

                                                                  So far the eBook experience has been so frustrating as to preclude the possibility of future purchases.

                                                                  • 30. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                                                    I'm having the a similar problem with the Reader activation and I belive it is because of the router's firewall.

                                                                    I would not open the firewall because I would be vulnerable to virus atack, but I can open certain ports (If I knew which ones to open) in order to make the activation process work. However it seems that theres is nobody at Adobe that could help with support on this matter.

                                                                    So: The solution would be to wait a few years for the e-books to improve or change to the microsoft reader.
                                                                    • 31. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                                                      See: http://support.adobe.com/devsup/devsup.nsf/docs/53819.htm
                                                                      • 32. Re: eBook Activation Limit
                                                                        Hello There,
                                                                        Please could you advice me re: ebook. The customer service recommend this forum to find response. Many thanks Lucie

                                                                        1. Which type of adobe reader is used for ebook?
                                                                        2. Can we use intra link? (e.g. If people read on page 2 where we advice to see more info on page 20 they click on intra link and it will take them exact there where the intra link told them)
                                                                        3. If intra link possible
                                                                        Where exact it will direct to the people?
                                                                        To the word/phase or page?
                                                                        4. Are URL possible to be used in Adobe?
                                                                        5. How do you put name instead URL on it? (e.g. people click here without see the URL)