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    Problem converting Word Documents into pdf

      Hi Folks - and Happy New Year to You!



      I'm using version Adobe 7.0.



      I written an e-book and can't get the darn thing to convert into a pdf file. Sometimes it works -- sometimes it doesn't.



      I suspect the problem is with my many embedded graphics. I have created Microsoft Powerpoint slides, and have cut and pasted them into my ebook as objects inserted between the paragraphs of text.



      When converting from the "Convert to Adobe PDF" button in my Word Toolbar, it gets all the way through and finally has an error at the end saying: "an error occured while creating a temporary file; Word was unable to write some of the embedded objects due to insufficient memory or disk space"



      I have Adobe set with a password to protect copying, and the Word file size is around 1Mb.



      My computer is only a year old, and I have 23 Gb of free space.



      I'm using Windows Professional XP and Word 2002



      Please reply asap or email me on [email address deleted by host]



      You Have My Best Regards