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    Digital Edition Problem - I'm spitting mad

      Hi All

      I hope someone can advise me on this - I'm really spitting mad and frustrated.

      A while back, I purchased an Adobe digital text that is crucial for my degree. All was fine, until last week, suddenly when I tried to open it, it opens my browser and goes to the Digital editions site. OK, I think, some update. So I run the little program on the page, and it tells me authorizing content (forever), and then tells me that the items can't be added to the library (or words to that effect). So I email the digital books help and ask for assistance - that was a week ago, and I'm still waiting. Eventually, after a week of trying, it makes contact, and I can access the book. Finally, I think. But no, if I'm not connected to the net, then I can't read the book at all. Do they really think that the world is permanently connected to the Net???!!!

      I'd really like someone at Adobe to sort this out asap. Apart from anything else, when I made this purchase, the terms and conditions were clear - but there was nothing saying that I had to be connected to the Net in order to read the book. I wonder at the legal implications of changing that requirement after the fact.

      Bottom line is that I bought this book, I own it, and I want to read it. That is all there is to it.

      I must say that this is the first time I regret buying an electronic version over a paper version.