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    Can't Return a borrowed book

      I use Adobe Digital Edition to read E-books downloaded from my library. I've checked out many books over the past few weeks, and when I've finished them, I've returned them with no problem (by clicking on "Return Borrowed Items"). However, I recently checked out two books, and I can't return either of them. When I click on "Return Borrowed Items," I get this message:

      Adobe DRM Error
      System: 5
      State: 4
      Class: 400
      Code: 61
      Message: Error on response from server.
      Scroll below or view error.log for more details.
      Could not authenticate with voucher engine at server
      Server Code: 400
      Requested URL:

      400 Bad Request
      (35) Problem at step 2 of return request:
      Unable to early return eBook

      --- end ---

      Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it?