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    confused text after copying to clipboard


      I have
      WinXP SP 2
      Adobe Reader 8.1.0

      I have some pdf-documents from which I need to copy the text to the clipboard. If I do so I get an error message "error occured..." but text is copied. But the copied text is completely nonsense.
      "In case of dispute the German wording is binding."


      What can that be?
      Has anyone a hint for me?
      Thanks in advance.
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          Some PDF files have this problem.

          Technically: the font does not contain a useful encoding which allows
          the font glyph references to be mapped to a representation you can

          In simple language: in some PDF files, the text will always copy as

          If you are making the PDF, you may be able to change the way you make
          it. If it is already made, that's all.

          Aandi Inston