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    creating attachments

      I'm new to creating ebooks and i'm wondering if you can do all that is needed in using Adobe Reader 8 and Microsoft Word 2003. I'm specifically wondering how you make the attachments for each chapter. I'm wanting the setup where the table of contents is on the left and you click a chapter to turn there. I've hyperlinked the chapters in the table of contents in MS Word but it did come up as an attachment or a bookmark. Any thoughts? Or am i trying to do something this software isn't equipped for?
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          What exactly do you mean by attachments? Do you really mean
          "bookmarks" (that is, you see them in the bookmarks panel). PDF files
          can also have attachments, but I don't see them being anything to do
          with chapters.

          Either way, Adobe Reader cannot edit your PDF in any way, and isn't
          involved in making it.

          Aandi Inston