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    Changing the color of the page

      Hi, is there an ebook reader that will change the color of the pages?
      I have Adobe reader 8 on Windows Vista. It can change background color, but it doesn't think the page is background. The page stays white if I change the background color.
      There are "accessibility" options, but they all *increase* the contrast of the screen, really glaring things like green on black.
      The white page is too bright for me, I like to read it with much darker background, like blue.
      The brightness of the laptop doesn't go down far enough with a white screen.
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          In Adobe Reader 7 Use PDF Document in the Full Screen Mode:

          1 Click Edit Preferences

          2 After the appearing of the Preferences Dialog Box, Click the Full Screen link in the left panel.

          3 - Now in the right panel, click the box just next to Background color and select your desire color from the color palette, or you may click the Other Color link for more available options. [hidden spam link deleted by host]

          4 Now click OK to save your setting.