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    epub or pdf?

      Here's my goal. I have a magazine created in InDesign (CS3) and I'd like to create an e-zine/e-pub from it. I like the ease of Acrobat, along with the security that can be added, and I like how the reader sees the document in Digital Editions (it looks more like a magazine).
      When I use Cross-media Export (XHTML/Digital Editions) in InDesign, all my photos and layouts and everything are eliminated when I view it in Editions. I understand that I need to have styles created for each instance, but it's not even translating the styles that I do have. The same thing happens when I Cross-media Export using XHTML/Dreamweaver.
      I'm open to advice and or suggestions as to the best way to reach my goal. It may turn out that neither e-pub nor pdf is the solution.