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    How do I display PDF in 'book' or 'facing pages' mode?

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      I don't mean VIEW> PAGE DISPLAY > TWO-UP.

      I've created a PDF document designed to be a book. I need the first page (the cover) to come up by itself, or with a blank on the left. Then all subsequent pages to display side by side, odd numbers on the right.

      When I open the document in Acrobat Reader Pro it displays it just fine, automatically. But with Adobe Reader it displays page one first, on the left side, and page two on the right ... making the whole document out of sync. There is no blank on the left, nor does it display page one all by itself (as does 'Preview' in Mac).

      The document is going out to a dozen people who are helping with the edit. It is imperative that they view it properly. They will all have different Readers. I'd like to recommend they all get Adobe Reader for now (as it is free and comes for both Windows and Mac). But I have to be able to tell them how to set the preferences to get a (BOOK MODE or FACING PAGES).

      Any help would be most appreciated, thank you,