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    Can't activate DRM on Pocket PC

      I bought an eBook, so I (successfully) activated DRM on both my desktop & notebook machines (both running WinXP Pro SP2) with Adobe Reader 7.0.7. I also want to carry the eBook around on my Pocket PC (Sprint/UTStarCom PPC-6700 running WinMob 5.0), so I D/L'd & installed Adobe Reader for PocketPC on the notebook computer and the handheld (via ActiveSync). The reader starts up and runs OK on the handheld.

      I can't get the DRM Activator to recognize that Adobe Reader for PocketPC is already installed on the host computer. It just posts a window with a link to download the reader plus an error box (client code 46, fault location 2).

      Tks in advance for any help.