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    Cannot Download Adobe 8 Updater Plug-in

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      I have just installed Adobe Reader 8, and I am trying to download the Adobe Updater plug-in.<br />When I click on <Help/Check for Updates>, I get the Adobe Updater box which says:<br /><Checking for updates for Adobe Reader 8><br />and is quickly refreshed to: <br /><Checking for updates for Adobe Updater><br /><br />The Adobe Updater box then refreshes to read:<br /><Downloading Update: Adobe Updater plug-in><br /><br />Then it refreshes again to:<br /><No Internet connection was found. Please check your Internet settings or firewall><br /><br />But my computer IS connected to the Internet, and has been for half an hour! IE and OE appear to be functioning correctly.<br /><br />My Internet settings have been working fine for months with everything else, and looking at McAfee Firewall Program Permissions, I see that Adobe Reader 8 and Adobe Updater have Full Access. (Hmm, why is Adobe Updater listed, if I haven't actually downloaded it yet?)