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    can anyone help me with Adobe Digital Editions

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      I need your help. I recently downloaded Adobe Digital Editions. It was a mistake, as I want to use the Connect Reader to download my e-books. I wasn't sure what the Adobe Digital Editions did but it sounded interesting so I downloaded it.

      I also downloaded from the e-books.com site, the following book, " English Grammar Workbook For Dummies®." I mistakenly chose to read it online, but I wanted to download it to my Sony reader. How do I get this onto my Sony Reader? How do I do this?

      I am a quadriplegic suffering from the disease called Mycenia Gravis. As a result of these two. I spend much of my time in bed. I bought the Sony Reader because it is light weight, and I can read it in bed. The Mycenia Gravis has stolen my muscle strength, and I can't hold a normal book for any length of time; hence, the attractiveness of the Sony Reader because of its light weight and dimensions.

      I can not spend much time in front of the computer and therefore using the Adobe Digital Edition will not benefit me. I want to delete the Adobe Digital Editions from my computer and just download to my Connect Reader Library. Also, how do I download the "English Grammar Workbook for Dummies" to my Connect Reader Library.

      New subject:

      I am having some trouble with my computer and may have to reformat. Can you tell me how I can save all my books that I have downloaded that are in my Library, or do I load them onto my SD card and my Sony reader? Thanks for your help
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          Hi John,

          At present, the only places you can buy copy-protected ebooks that are suitable for the Sony Reader are from Sony's own ebook store and from Borders.com. The books you buy from eBooks.com won't work on the Sony Reader.

          Please contact our support team direct at help (at) ebooks.com, and tell them what's happened, and they'll be able to help you out.


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