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    Problems with hyperlinks when converting

      Hello, i use the online pdf creator. I have a document that is in microsoft publisher (originally from word) and when i convert it to PDF only a few of the links actually work, the majority of the links are just underlined words with no hyperlink. Also i have anchor tags that go from the table of contents to the actual page and none of them work.

      I checked the Enable Tagged PDF Generation and still nothing, anyone have any ideas?
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          Ok here is an update, i noticed that the only links that work at all are the ones that have the actual address in the text...

          www.adobe.com will be converted to a link, but Adobe (with a hyperlink to www.adobe.com) does not.

          Does anyone have any idea how to get all my links to work? this is an ebook and i do not want to put the actual address text where ever link should be.
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            I have created a PDF file from a Corel Ventura file and the links are showing perfectly on the screen, but they are being cut off at various locations in the URL so that they don't go to the correct sites. Is there a way that I can deadend the links completely so you can only see them on screen, but that they don't go anywhere unless you cut and past them. I would be happy with that.
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              I have also had this problem with URL's being cut or changed. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or is there any way to get around this?
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                I am having the same issues as Bill Slevin. Has anyone found a solution?
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                  I'm guessing that no one has found a solution to this problem yet. I'd hate to have to include the full URL for each hyperlink in my documents to make them work. The only other solution is to add the hyperlinks after the PDF is created in Adobe Acrobat, but that sounds like too much work. Still, it would be cleaner in the layout.

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                    I just wanted to add that I tried an actual Microsoft Word 2003 version document in the Create Adobe PDF Online and set the tagged links so the hyperlinks and table of contents bookmark references would carry through to my 'e.book' file, however, I feel like the underdog here, as I didn't even get a PDF file, I received an error about the printer timeout exceeding the 10 minutes.  I'm not sure why it took so long to lock up (or whatever it was doing) as I have no pdf for review.   I decided to try the Post Script functionality, and found no help there as of yet, as the instructions on the Create Adobe PDF Online site do indicate where to find the Windows Drivers, the rest of the Adobe Download site area seems to not offer the same and the drivers are not to be found!   I must admit that I am also lost as to why there were some informational bits to add the PDF printer to your pc, but only for those with winxp, and 2000.  I have a pc with vista, does this site not support any of vista?  (I also have XP laptop & desktop, but they both have Adobe acrobat -- 5.0 & 7.0)


                    (i know -- why am I using this online version?  Well, simply, the 5.0, nor the 7.0 would finish conversion of this simple word document with tables in it.  I've never had a problem before, and don't know what changed to make this complication, however, it seems to be getting no better.


                    So -- be happy you are on the PDF file-receiving end of the Links issue -- it could be a lot worse!


                      Maybe before I have to upgrade again, I'll find someone else who has experienced such a bizarre thing, and can get my document out where it needed to be 3 weeks prior to now!



                          Anyone have any ideas that might help this poor, confused person who is at wits end without some expert finger pointing??  I'll take any suggestions at this point!