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    help with creating a photo gallery?

      im trying to create a simple photo gallery. all i need to know is the lingo so that i can rollover a thumbnail of an image and it appears in place of a black box.... any help would be much appreciated.
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          Chunick Level 3
          what code do you already have? Maybe we can help you modify it where it's not working.

          Also, how do you have it currently laid out? eg. do you have several images on the screen, but some method to scroll through other images? Have you done a search here or on director-online.com (in the forum or articles section) on similar questions? Do you have something written up to describe what features you need such as a design document?

          Just trying to get a sense of your level of programming in general, experience with Director and what planning/details you have worked out so far because there are so many different ways to program a gallery.
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            ryaneld Level 1
            i using director for the second time ever. its only very basic code im using at the moment. i was thinking that you could use some rollover code to swap the box with the image but i dont quite know how to do it... ill check those sites out..
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              mwm adobe
              Put the rollOver, with "if" or "case", and change the member of the sprite:

              This statement assigns cast member 3 of cast number 4 to sprite 15:
              -- Lingo syntax
              sprite(15).member = member(3, 4)

              15 is your sprite blackbox
              3 is the cast where are the images
              4 the image what change with the rollOver