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    Create an Uncompressed PDF?

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      I would like to create a PDF document that can be a template for text search and replace by a simple Perl script. To do this, the internal text would need to be uncompressed so that tokens such as {firstname} can be found.

      Can Acrobat Pro create an uncompressed PDF?

      Alternatively, is there a simple method, using a scripting language such as Perl on a Linux server, to modify internal PDF text then save the result to a new file?
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          Create PDF Online doesn't have an option to do this. Nor Acrobat, not
          for many years.

          By the way, this wouldn't solve your problem because you would need to
          rebuild your xref table and stream lengths. PDF files, compressed or
          not, are absolutely not suitable for a simple approach like text

          There are tools to make changes to PDFs, but editing existing text is
          awesomely difficult. It seems to me that you might find PDF forms more
          to your liking. But DON'T use LiveCycle Designer!

          Aandi Inston