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    Hidden links in excel

      Hi forum.

      I'm converting excel sheets to pdf via the "Covert to PDF" button that installs when installing Adobe PDF.

      This is as far as I know the only possible way to keep the hidden links (by hidden links - I mean links that are typed behind the word (as usual html links) ie the word banana links to http://www.google.com - the link as hidden).

      This works ... or used to work - sitting on my win2000 machine it does work, but after switching to a winxp machine this functionality stopped working.

      Does anyone know what I should do?

      Ps. I still makes the PDF's - but the links are only blue underlined words (not working links)...

      Pps. I use Adobe PDF 7.0.0 tried to upgrade it (7.1.0) but it didn't change a thing?