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    Editable online PDF

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      I have been tasked with making custom PDFs online:

      How it works. I create 5 to 6 PDFs with graphics.

      The customer choose one.

      Then customer fills in a form field and their text is placed onto the PDF and they can download the PDF with the text they entered.

      I have seen this done on a website (it requires a login and account).

      Also the customer can choose from PDF or Word document.

      I am on a PHP server but all of the solutions I have found have either been to complicated, to expensive, or the graphics are to basic.

      Does any Adobe Product support this?
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          There can be a little different approach to get the desired solution. Instead of created 5 to 6 PDF files with graphics, create 5 to 6 php pages similar to what you want in PDF. Then after user enters their information, use php to dynamically generate your graphic pages.

          Then these pages can be converted into pdf with html to pdf conversion solutions like http://www.pdfonfly.com/html-to-pdf-conversion.asp ( using the API )

          I hope you got my point.