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    I can't upload files created in Microsoft publisher, but I could a few days ago. Why?

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      I am using the PDF online converter and had no problems with it only a few days ago, but now I get an e-mail sent to me with an error message that says the following:

      "While processing your job 491DC3BA-6868-08A14D (C:\Users\Public\Advertising documents (pub and pdf's)\Langley advance Ads 2008\ad for surry paper november 2008 color.pub), the converter encountered the following error situation:

      Document processing discontinued : Publisher application failed to open the document and exited

      Please try to resubmit your job if indicated in the above message.

      We apologize for the inconvenience.

      The Create Adobe PDF Online Team"

      I use this service quite alot and don't have any other way of converting a file to PDF. I have tried in thepast to download an extension that would allow me to do it without the online converter, but it is'nt supported in Vista.

      Mina Lee Thomas
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          Hi Mina Lee Thomas

          The Online PDF Converter is a busy line, which often has a long waiting que. Error can happen in a busy line.

          I suggest you use following Freeware PDF Converters.

          1] Cute PDF Writer 2.6 that comes along with ghostscript Converter.

          This is fast, requring no adjustments and converts many pages text
          files, PPT flles easily without any errors. It is user friendly.

          2] PDF Tools.

          This has multifunctions.Encrypt, Decrypt, Merge, Split, Reaarange
          PDF files, Create PDF, Stamp utilities. This is also very useful

          Please download these two Freeware from website. you do not have to depend on external sources.

          Regards and best wishes


          Freelance Service Provider